Creative Life Coach Dustin

I love helping people achieve the full potential of their dreams! I am a no-nonsense action-focused coach.

I have over 10 years experience facilitating personal-growth, through my East Vancouver men's group, Intention Gathering, Burning Man, Tantric practices, the Villa Thrilla Collective, the ARKA Brotherhood and private coaching.

Benefits include:
    • Increase your confidence!
    • Have better relationships!
    • Be more productive!
    • Finish more projects!
    • Feel happier every day!

The power of a coach in your corner is massive. All top performers have a coach behind them. Let's go get it!


Dustin is an excellent leader and a great teacher. His naturally patient and easy-going demeanour makes learning really easy and fun. He’s a highly capable communicator who has lots of creativity and ideas. Highly recommended!
- John Wang, founder of Big Asian Energy
I’ve seen Dustin listen, empathize, ask questions, and give great advice, on a whole host of issues (many being very intimate and vulnerable subjects). He’s a fantastic resource for all things personal development and fatherhood.
- Ari Nitikman, founder of Elevate Ultimate Frisbee
Dustin is a keen listener. He has a special way of blending positivity, humour, and raw honesty in his feedback that has validated my life experiences and helped me grow.

I always feel inspired by his passion for life. I have a deep level of trust with Dustin and would recommend him to help brighten your future!
- Joel Eschbach

Work With Me

Send me an email with details on what you're looking for in your life, and let's move it forward!

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