Dustin Quasar Sacks

Hello world!
I am a multi-media artist and producer. I work with video, gaming, photography, music, festival culture and personal development. See a selection of my creations below...

Koobee Kids

Koobee Kids makes Fun Learning Videos for kids on YouTube, modeling fun, DIY crafting, and gratitude.

Video Games

I am the Founder and Chief Gaming Officer of Sillysoft Games. We have developed and published a diverse selection of video games over 2 decades.


Photography is one of my passions. People, juxtapositions, colors! Enjoy my portrait portfolio or latest on instagram:


Music is one of my joys in life. I am happy to play with pretty much any instrument I can get my hands on. I have composed and released 2 albums:

In 2018 I released a solo folk album, playing on an exotic greek Tzouras:

In 2016 my folk-rock band DinoCats released an EP and a series of singles:

Festival Installations

Mission Machine - inter-active art installation (2013-2018)

Mer-Squid - inter-active physical art installation (2017)

Cascadia Cafe - BITF theme camp (2014)

Zoodiac Academy - Burning Man theme camp (2011/2012)


Fatherhood - a whole new level of creation (2019)

Lantern Park - urban design concept (2009)

Hot Grog - an online news aggregator

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