Dustin Quasar Sacks
Dustin Quasar Sacks

Hello! I'm a creative explorer living in Vancouver, BC.

Sillysoft Games is the videogame company I founded and work at. We create entertaining software!

I Make Music, and have released 2 albums so far...

In 2018 I released a solo folk album, playing on an exotic greek Tzouras:

In 2016 my folk-rock band DinoCats released a series of recordings:

Photography is one of my passions. People, juxtapositions, colors!
Enjoy my portfolio sets, latest photos, or instagram.

Other projects:

• The Mission Machine is an interactive art project I created to promote social openness and experimentation.

Lantern Park is a concept re-design for a large underused park in Vancouver.

Zoodiac Academy is a Burning Man theme camp I helped build.

Hot Grog is an online news portal.

Vorg.ca was a collective blog I wrote on that was most active from 2003-2010.

Connect with me:
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• Tweets as @dooq on twitter.

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